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In June of 2004 I made my first post on this blog. In June of 2005 I made my second entry. From that point on, I began blogging on a consistent basis. I began to make contacts with other bloggers. I consider some of them my friends, even though I have not personally met them. Over time I began to realize that I was no longer making posts because I enjoy blogging, but because I enjoy being part of a community.

I have disagreed with a lot of people. I have agreed with a lot of people. I have put certain people up on a pedestal. I have even coveted - hoping to some day have the traffic and comments on this blog that others have.

It was easy for a long time. I read other blogs, made comments, and made the occasional post here. Over time, I began to experiment with other forms of Social Media. I realized that I wanted a little more; something was still missing.

My first step outside of the blogging arena was with MySpace. I found some classmates and said hello to some people that I hadn't seen in 15 years. Overall, however, I didn't do much. I didn't like the ads that were being run, especially since they were targeting a much younger audience.

My next step into the world of social networking was with LinkedIn. This is meant to be more for professional networking, and it wasn't something that I ever used much. I have an account and get an occasional email telling me someone joined or wants to link with me, but it just didn't do much for me. This blog remained my only real web presence.

I was then introduced to Facebook. I don't remember when or why I created my account, but I do remember thinking that it was just another MySpace and wouldn't be soemthing that would last. However, another need was met. During my college years at Oklahoma State, I was active in the Baptist Student. I began to find a lot of my friends from there. It became another active community for me. Unlike this blog, it was a community of people that I had met before. It was a community of people that I went on mission trips with. It was a community of people that I prayed with. It was a community of people that I studied the Bible with. It was a community of people that I sat with at football games. It was a community of people that I had classes with and studied with. It was a community of people that I stayed up late into the night with. It was a community of people that I skipped classes with (sorry mom).

I always believed that this blog would be my rock as far as web presence goes. However, in a very short time my presence on facebook became much larger than my presence with this blog. And the thing is, it didn't take near as much time or energy. This became even more true when I started to use Twitter.

Twitter is my latest social networking experiment. I use it to place short, random thoughts. I found that entries on twitter could automatically update my status on facebook, making less work. I enjoy using twitter, because the posts there are the real me. If you follow me on twitter, you will know me in a different way than on this blog. This blog deals with my thoughts on Christiantiy, Theology, and Doctrine, but I have other interests as well. I have a family. I have a job. I have bills to pay. I have wants and desires. I have other opinions. Twitter may seem like a bad concept, but it has a lot of benefits.

However, because of a presence with this blog, facebook, and twitter, it means more updating. It means putting fresh content on each one so nothing goes stagnant. Each one of these has served a unique purpose for me, but I sometimes "cross post." I put the same content on this blog and on facebook, then link to it from twitter. I'm not sure if there is any type of etiquette in place yet, but I'm sure that if people follow on all 3 places, it could get old.

Do you have more than one social networking application that you use? Do you put more content on one than another? Do you put the same content on all of your appropriate sites? What do you use to network that wasn't covered here?


  1. gavin richardson said...
    oh boy.. i'm all kinds of things, but the ones i focus on that you didn't mention are flickr & friendfeed.

    i basically use friendfeed for pulling in all my social network content, facebook can do the same, importing your blog posts,photos and stuff via rss.

    didn't you get on second life for the general conference viewing stuff? maybe i'm imagining, that was a crazy time.
    Brett said...
    I created a Second Life account, and visited the Chapel a few times. Nobody was ever there. It would be nice to get involved with that, but it would take a lot more time than I have available.
    Dan said...
    I use those same three, my blog, facebook, and twitter.

    I have been playing with settings and plugins trying to find the right balance. I use my blog as my main base of operations. Whenever I make a blog post, it posts a link to it on my facebook profile. I have twitter set so that I can enter tweets from my blog. Then tweets show up on my blog's sidebar and as my status on Facebook. Lastly, my tweets get put together as a blog post each day so that I have a daily record of my tweets.

    I had to keep those daily tweet posts from showing up on my blog's front page because they were taking it over. Now I have it set so that you can access them by clicking "tweet journal" on my blog.

    I am very happy with the way the three systems are working together now.
    woiiiii said...
    OMG, what you feel now is exactly the same with mine......There r too much social networking that I cant handle on...:)
    paremuya said...
    Yups, I ever seen in wikipedia, there are more than 100 social networking site....not including blogging media.

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