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I just arrived home from Rio Bravo an hour or so ago, and want to share what happened while the experience is fresh. I hope to share experiences from the perspective of others in the coming days.

I helped drive a team of 21 Oklahoma volunteers to Rio Bravo Mexico. The team consisted of 3 Medical Doctors, 2 optometrists, 2 dentists, 1 pharmacist, 1 dietician, 1 chiropractor, 1 physicians assistant, 1 vet, 1 translator, and 3 drivers/other volunteers.

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-5

We drove through the night and arrived in Rio Bravo on Thursday morning. The team unloaded the trailer full of medical supplies and met with Marsha Alexander, a United Methodist Missionary serving in Rio Bravo. We also met with Dr. Elias Lara, the VIM medical coordinator in Rio Bravo.

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-4

Since there was a variety of services offered, it was decided to set up the clinic in remote locations that do not have access to medical services. The rest of Thursday was spent organizing supplies located in the clinic in Rio Bravo and making them ready for transport. With the assistance of 6 translators provided by VIM, Friday was spent in Santa Apolonia, and Saturday was spent in Candido Aguilar.

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-5

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-6

Both Friday and Saturday mornings were spent travelling to the locations and unloading supplies and getting set up in what amounts to an empty warehouse. I spent both days assisting the optometrist by digging through boxes of donated glasses, attempting to find a pair that would best fit their needs. We had a lot of glasses, but exact matches were few. And most of the frames were hideous, at least by American standards. However, the people were happy even with a slight improvement. I don't know the exact number, but I believe that around 120 people saw one of the optometrists and were fit with a pair of glasses during our two days.

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-5

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-5

From Rio Bravo Medical Mission 2008-12-6

We travelled back to Rio Bravo on Saturday afternoon after all of the patients had been seen, then packed up and drove home during the night. We arrived home around 10:30am on Sunday morning. There are a number of personal observations and touching stories to tell, but want to give this first quick update before I hit the sack.

UPDATE: I have added a few pictures to the post. You can see all of the pictures by clicking one of these links.
Day 1 (Rio Bravo)
Day 2 (Santa Apolonia)
Day 3 (Candido Aguilar)

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  1. Anonymous said...
    did you do any evangelism? I must have missed it. Sorry if it sounds rude, but what you did doesn't sound like a mission trip. It sounds like a humanitarian relief effort. I'm sad for the people that were helped physically, but were not told about Jesus.

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