Monday, December 08, 2008


Since my recent trip to Rio Bravo, I have already anonymously been asked this question. What makes a church mission trip that does not have an emphasis on evangelism different than an agency such as the Red Cross?

I don't know how to respond, if I'm being honest.


  1. John said...
    The trips I've been on have been relief-oriented, more than evangelism, but that relief is within a framework of spiritual and practical partnership with a host church. We try to let the needs expressed by the host church set our agenda and priorities.

    We do participate in worship services, and usually in a Biblically-based leadership training program for rural ministers who may have had little in the way of leadership training.

    So no, our emphasis isn't on street preaching or door-to-door evangelism, but it's not at all like what a secular relief agency would be doing.
    Anonymous said...
    sounds like Christless Christianity to me. I'm glad you were asked the question and posted it without trying to defend it. Meeting physical needs is a good thing, but that's what other agencies are for. The church should be preaching and teaching the gospel. If the church does other humaniarian things, the gospel must be part of it or there is no difference.
    Anonymous said...
    I went on a mission trip with you before. I saw you tell people about Jesus. Which was more fulfilling for you?
    Anonymous said...
    I think what Anon.One misses is that as Christ said, even a cup of water if given in his name, promotes the Kingdom of God and calls people to an awareness of a God who cares through His people. He used the giving of a cup of water as an illustration of what a Kingdom person could do that would be worthy and acknowledged as such by God.

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