Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This blog has Reformed as well as Arminian readers. I want to encourage all readers to check out The Wesley Report as Shane begins a series on Calvinism. It will cover the 5 Doctrines of Grace from a different perpsective. His first post on Total Depravity is now available.

Total Depravity is a doctrine that is shared by most Calvinists and Arminians. Here's what John Wesley had to say:

"This, therefore, is the first grand distinguishing point between Heathenism and Christianity. The one acknowledges that many men are infected with many vices, and even born with a proneness to them; but supposes withal, that in some the natural good much over-balances the evil: The other declares that all men are conceived in sin," and "shapen in wickedness;" -- that hence there is in every man a "carnal mind, which is enmity against God, which is not, cannot be, subject to" his "law;" and which so infects the whole soul, that "there dwelleth in" him, "in his flesh," in his natural state, "no good thing;" but "every imagination of the thoughts of his heart is evil," only evil, and that "continually." (Sermon 44: Original Sin)


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