Thursday, October 09, 2008


Google is now testing a new feature in gmail called mail goggles.

When you enable Mail Goggles, it will check that you're really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you're in the right state of mind?

By default, Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend as that is the time you're most likely to need it. Once enabled, you can adjust when it's active in the General settings.

Hopefully Mail Goggles will prevent many of you out there from sending messages you wish you hadn't. Like that late night memo -- I mean mission statement -- to the entire firm.

This made me laugh. It's generally not a good idea to send emails while intoxicated. But I guess it could have other uses as well. You might want to think twice about sending an email to your boss or professor tellng them what you really think of them.

I would like to see this same thing for blogger. If it's late and I stay up to get my post finished, and I'm not competent or awake enough to solve some basic math problems, I probably shouldn't be allowed to hit the post button.


  1. gavin richardson said...
    my wife told me about this. i think she was happy to know something tech before i did. strange how this was the one thing.
    joydriven said...
    that's just terrible. if you're writing that late at night, i agree that some checks and balances are in order for sake of common sense. but to inflict arithmetic on an already-tortured insomniacal soul--there's just something wrong at the very core of that kind of thinking.
    John said...
    Yup. Never blog after a single drop of alcohol, nor if excessively sleep deprived, or angry. Just save the draft until later.

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