Monday, August 18, 2008


A minister of nearly 25 years at the church I grew up in resigned suddenly. A check of the church computers revealed hardcore pornography. When approached, he confessed, saying it has been a struggle of his since he was young.

Today, I am beginning a series of posts that deal with pornography in the Church. I don't believe for a moment that this is an isolated incident. I believe that this happens every day in many many churches across the country. I believe it is people that you would never expect. Pastors who are admired. Youth Ministers who are packing in kids at Church. Fellow believers who are reading this blog. Even janitors who clean up after hours and have easy access to church computers.

What measures should a church take to prevent internet pornography? Who can a pastor or minister confide in if they are struggling? How should a church respond if a staff member or pastor is caught? Is internet porn worse if it is on a church computer rather than a personal computer? Should staff members who are caught or come out and confess to an addiction to internet porn be terminated? Should personal computers of church pastors and staff members be monitored?

I am going to discuss these questions and more in a lot of detail in the coming posts.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I agree. It's pervasive, and in some cases, not just acknowledged but approved with a "boys will be boys" wink and nod. A choir director once showed me his favorite site and seemed to think that it wasn't a big deal to share such info.

    I'll look forward to your further discussions on this topic.

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