Friday, August 29, 2008


While cleaning out some storage I ran across my copy of The DragonLance Chronicles (Collector's Edition). It contains the first 3 books of the DragonLance series. These book were without a doubt my favorite fiction books growing up. I read each book at least 3 times.

I have a vague recollection of borrowing the first book from a friend, and trying to hide them from mom and dad because they would not have approved of anything with a Dungeons and Dragons feel.

I began reading the set again a few weeks ago and I am slowly making my way through the set again. I am enjoying it now as much as when I was younger. Being a little older, I have picked up on a lot of themes from the book that I either missed or forgot about.

The first theme I am picking up on is that good does not triumph over evil. There must be a balance of both, and disastrous consequences arise if one becomes more powerful than the other.

Another theme is the relationship between the gods and man. There are numerous gods in the world of Krynn, and man blamed the gods for the cataclysm (near destruction of the land of Krynn) even though it was not the gods that pulled away from man, but man that turned his back on the gods.

There are several other things that individual characters seem to focus on. Raistlin's quest for power never satisfies, even when his power becomes ultimate. Sturm's code of honor frustrates his companions much of the time, but he is able to help restore honor to knights who fell into disgrace. Tanis is the chosen leader of the group, even though he really has no special abilities and has his own personal struggles. Caramon is loyal to his twin brother Raistlin to a fault.

As these companions and others are thrust into their adventure to keep the land of Krynn from being overrun by darkness, they find the truth of the ancient gods and help restore balance to Krynn.

As I picked up the book, I have felt like a kid again. This is a well written and fun series to read. The characters are brilliantly written and complex. I remember all of the characters, even after several years. Anyone who likes to Fantasy Fiction should read this series. However, since the themes of the book are not biblically based, and sometime downright contradict what the bible teaches, does this mean it should not be read? Can it be read for entertainment purposes only? Is my soul safe, or in mortal danger? John the Methodist dares you to answer yes.


  1. John said...
    I never got into Dragonlance and only D&Ded in Forgotten Realms. But I've heard of the quality of the Dragonlance novels. Not many pulp fiction serieses have that kind of staying power.
    Brett said...
    I read the Nick Seafort books based on your review and loved them. You really should take the opportunity to read this series. The DragonLance Chronicles are three books, and the DragonLance Legends is another set of 3. I haven't read any past these, but there were many more written. The Legends series is actually better than the Chronicles, but must be read in order to be fully appreciated.

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