Monday, April 21, 2008


I am excited to see new people each week. In order to help keep everyone current and get some of the new people caught up, we will have frequent reviews of each of our lessons. I am not as concerened with doing a lesson each week as I am about being thorough in each area. Some lessons may go on for a few weeks, and we will undoubtedly have weeks where we simply review previous lessons.

These reviews have several benefits, both for new people and for those who have been there from the beginning. Of course it is stating the obvious that new people will have the opportunity to get caught up. When we get to the more difficult concepts, this will be important, because the lessons build on each other.
Repetititon is also good for those who have been attending regularly. This is a great way to really learn a concept, and not forget it 20 minutes after Sunday School is over. We already have some very smart people in the class who will not forget what perspicuity means, or that the greek word theopneus is interpreted God breathed. Start brining those words into your every day conversation and see what kind of looks you'll get.

We'll finsih up our discussion on Private Interpreatation next week. Hopefully you already understand that the owning a Bible and being able to study it in your own language is a privilege that many people paid for with their lives. It is not a matter to be taken lightly.


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