Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The 'Sally Rally' was held today at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City to show support for State Representative Sally Kern, who drew national and internation attention to herself when she claimed that the homosexual agenda is more dangerous to this country than terrorism.

According to The Daily Oklahoman, she still refuses to apologize for her remarks.

Kern said again today she is not going to apologize. She said her comments were not against homosexuals, but were directed at the strategy of gay rights supporters to defeat conservative candidates.

Thanks for all of those that attended. You really made our state look stupid.

Here are a couple of links I found that covered the rally:
'Sally Rally' draws more the 1000 supporters
Kern says views miscast (not covering the rally, but still interesting.)

If you get prompted to register for the site, try this.

This is my last post on this topic. I'm tired of it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Once again, your comments regarding Sally Kern are based on ignorance. It appears from your blog entry on April 2nd that you were NOT at the rally ... instead you quoted only a portion of what was reported in the local newspaper.

    I'd be interested to know what prompted you to say "Thanks for all those that attended. You really made our state look stupid."

    Why stupid? What are you basing that on? Especially since you weren't there. I was there - and I don't recall anything being said or done that would be an embarrassment to citizens of Oklahoma.

    You seem to be fixated on her need to apologize for something she didn't say - instead of focusing on her basic belief that male-male or female-female sex is not only impractical - against the laws of nature, but, it's counter to God's Word.
    Brett said...
    Let me be clear. homosexuality is a sin. It is a sinful lifestyle. I do not agree with the homosexual agenda. I agree with 98% of what Sally Kern said. But to accuse me of ignorance when you support Sally Kern's statement that the agenda is more dangerous to our country than terrorism is unthinkable to me.
    In effect, her statement (and refusal to apologize if it was miniterpreted) are what started this whole mess. Therefore, this rally was nothing more than support for this statement. Therefore, it makes our state look stupid.
    Maybe I should have gone to the event and taken some notes and some pictures. I believe you when you say that there was not much said that would embarass our state. But I don't really care what was said at the event, it's that fact that people went. I believe that by going, support was shown for her 2% that should not be supported.
    She should apologize, not for taking a stand and saying that homosexuality is a sin, but she should apologize that some of her comments went over the line. She should apologize and say that she is sorry for polarizing the homosexual community. She should meet with members of the homosexual community to try to smooth things over (well, she tried that, guess it didn't work so well).
    I am so tired of this issue, I've given it way more attention than it deserves. Time to move on.

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