Friday, April 04, 2008

The UMC General Conference is fast approaching. Here is a list of some of the proposed changes to the Book of Discipline that could possibly be brought before the General Conference. It is my understanding (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) that the nearly 1600 petitions are assigned to delegates to discuss brining them before the entire conference. Some of these will likely not make it that far. Proposed legislation can be submitted for review by any United Methodist.

  • Add statement on Stewardship and Global Warming.

  • Add a statement basically opposing bottled water (West Michigan).

  • Reconcile science and the Bible.

  • On poverty (from Norway).

  • On poverty (from a conservative point of view) which promotes asset building.

  • Treating foreign employees with fairness (from Norway)

  • Christian Social Engagement (be Christian in our actions)

  • Eliminate slavery in the world.

  • Take the national flags out of the sanctuary.

  • Affirm voluntary prayer in the schools.

  • Take out references to just war so that the church's stand rejects all violence.
    (several somewhat similar petitions). If passed our official statement would not allow war or violence under any circumstances, making us basically a pacifist denomination.

  • New Social Creed. The new Social Creed would be shorter. This new creed (more of a worship litany really than a "creed"), in keeping with Church and Society philosophy omits references to the right of property and also to references to marriage and the family.

  • Instruct Church and Society to deal more with alcohol issues, the plight of persecuted Christians, advocate for personal holiness and other issues which are now being neglected.

  • Oppose use of cypress mulch (Louisiana annual conference).

  • Instruct Church and Society not to misuse apportioned funds.

  • Create an ongoing general church-wide task force to deal with Global Warming.

  • Create a Commission on Drugs and Alcohol (since Church and Society is not presently dealing with this issue).



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