Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am going to begin looking at different reasons that we should study the Bible. The first reason that came to my mind when I began to brainstorm is that the Bible reveals God's character to us. To put it another way, the Bible is revelation about God.

The Bible is the only source that reveals God's character to us. While God makes himself known in multiple ways, such as through creation and nature, these show evidence of a creator, but nothing more. The Holy Spirit also plays a role with revelation, especially when it comes to the conviction of sin and ability to repent, but we would not know of this if it were not first revealed to us through scripture.

The character and nature of God that is revealed in scritpure has great implications in many areas. I don't want to stray off the topic (maybe saving some of these for later posts - let me know if you think of any), so suffice it to say if one wants to truly know what God is like, then one should study the Bible.


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