Monday, April 14, 2008

I am going to begin looking at reasons that we should study the Bible. While brainstorming, the first reason I came up with is that it reveals God's character and nature. I wrote an earlier post about this, but don't feel like I did an adequate job on that post. So consider this my mulligan.

We do not have to speculate or guess about who God is or what He values. He reveals Himself in the Bible. If I want to know about a specific person, there are many ways to get information, especially on the internet. However, there is a difference in knowledge about someone and having an intimate knowledge of and relationship with someone. To have an intimate knowledge of someone, that person must choose to communicate with us. Nobody can be more accurate about what a person feels or thinks than the actual person.

This is what we have in the Bible. The Bible is the tool that God uses to intimately reveal Himself to us.

One thing that some may say is that God reveals Himself in many ways. One of the ways that scripture says that God reveals Himself is through nature (Romans 1:20). However, His revelation through nature merely points to His existence. It does not reveal to us how He views our sin, or how much He loves us. It does not reveal His holiness. It does not tell us how we can have a relationship with Him. This is the type of intimate knowledge only revealed in scripture.

If one truly wants to know about God in a personal and fulfilling way, it is only found in scripture. Everyting else is secondhand.


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