Friday, April 11, 2008


Wednesday night I'm sitting in the Kansas City Airport hoping to get back to Oklahoma City from Florida after my American Airlines flight was cancelled. I heard some praise and worship music coming from somewhere. I saw that it was coming from American Idol. My friend looked at me wondering where it was coming from. I told her that it was American Idol, and I thought it was the Idol Gives Back episode. This meant nothing to her, and we really didn't pay that much more attention.

Steve Camp explains that they changed a word. Watch and see if you can spot it. Does it make a difference? I think it does. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

I think more people will be mad about the reference in the post to Mars Hill Church than about removing the name of Jesus. How sad.

I didn't get this one quite right. I don't want to remove the post or edit, but Idol got it right last night. I was watching with my wife, and they opened with the same song. I began to tell my wife how they took out the name of Jesus. I can't find it on youtube yet, but the opened with "My Jesus My Saviour."

Being the cynic that I am, I then wondered if putting the name of Jesus back in made a difference. Did that make it worship? Is it ok to take a song meant for worship and sing it on American Idol? I complain that they take out the name of Jesus, then complain after they sing it right the next night that they shouldn't be singing the song at all. Is this wrong?

I guess go ahead and get mad about the Mars Hill Church comment.

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  1. Matt said...
    I had noticed this when the Idol Gives Back episode aired. I complained for a half-hour that they had taken Jesus out of the song. My wife gave me a "that's nice, dear" look. This morning when I showed her this, she gave me a "you were right, dear" look. :)

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