Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've watched her appearance a couple of times now. I am an evangelical christian, but I am still disturbed by Representative Kern's comments, even after listening to her defense. It's not her position that bothers me, but how she says things like "the homosexuals" or "you, the homosexuals" or "the homosexual lifestyle." I sense a little bit of disgust in her voice. I don't get the sense that when she says that we are all sinners, including herself, that she believes it puts her at the same level.

When she was asked point blank "you don't really believe that Scott is more dangerous to this country than Osama Bin Laden, do you?" Instead of saying "No Way" she answers "I believe that the homosexual angenda and the lifestyle it involes is deadly to this nation." She then talks about websites where Christians are labeled as terrorists, and there is no outcry from the Christian community. I just don't understand her answer.

She did have on point that really made me stop and think. She said that if she had a gay son, she would love him more than her other children because he would have a greater need.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am glad to see that at least some are beginning to open their eyes to the hatred for the homosexual community. I continue to pray that you will continue to grow in your tolerance.
    Brett said...
    Your comment is appreciated, but I want to clarify something. I really debated posting my thoughts on this topic because of the nature of the debate. It is emotional on both sides. If one side gives an inch, the other side sees it as a great victory. I believe this is why many conservatives will continue to stick up for or be silent about Representative Kern. Not because they think what she said is right, but because of the ammunition it gives the other side.
    I simply decided that what is right should not be trumped by politics. What Representative Kern said is wrong, but I still believe that the homsexual life style is sinful.
    Anonymous said...
    no matter what she should apologize and resign. She is a disgrace to the state. She hurt her own agenda by polarizing her opposition, and made all of the conservative republicans in oklahoma look stupid. The republican leadership should publicly rebuke her.

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