Monday, March 31, 2008


I do not want to keep posting about Sally Kern, but stuff keeps happening. Now there is a "Free Speech Rally for Sally" being organized. Keep in mind that I am an evangelical christian, but this is nonsense. I agree with 98% of what she has said, but the 2% makes her unsupportable.

Her remarks and her refusal to apologize have made the evangelicals (including myself) in the State of Oklahoma look bad. It has been an embarassment to the republican leadership in the state, and they should have publicly distanced themselves from her remarks.

Now, we have pastors and other religious organizations planning a rally in her favor. My State has always had the perception of being backwards. This just gives validity to that perception. I guess that people feel that if someone is an evangelical conservative christian they are worthy of support no matter the cost.

Read this from the above link, I find something very interesting.

WASHINGTON, March 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Wednesday, April 2, Concerned Women for America (CWA) will join over 50 pastors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to rally support for State Representative Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) and her right to free speech. Recently, Rep. Kern has been under attack from radical homosexual activists and their followers over remarks she made regarding the homosexual agenda. Rep. Kern took a Biblical stand against homosexual activism and has refused to back down from her statements despite receiving death threats.

First, it is not only radical homosexual activists who do not approve of her remarks. Unfortunately, one does not support the conservative agenda, they may be placed in that camp. I guess I could now be labeled as a radical homosexual activist.

The second thing I noticed is that it is intentionally vague. It only says that she is under attack "over remarks she made regarding the homosexual agenda." Talk about covering up the truth. She is under attack because she said that their agenda is more dangerous to this country than terrorism and radical islam.

I'll stay at work on April 2nd, and would suggest other christians do the same.


  1. T.R. said...
    Your post is dead-on and very much appreciated.

    Those vehemently supporting Sally's comments refuse to understand that the majority of the public outcry against her comment has come from straight people.

    The founding fathers guaranteed separation of church and state. None of her supporters seem to understand that American core value.
    Anonymous said...
    Think before you speak! What in the world does this woman's comments have to do with "separation of church and state?" NOTHING! She is an individual citizen, just like you - just like me - just like every straight or gay individual - who all have the same freedom of speech. And, I'm curious - have either of you actually listened to the woman (Mrs. Kern)? I saw her on a Channel 4 interview program last Sunday morning where she fully explained her comments ... clarifying the partial statement 'sound bites' the media and others have repeated over and over - of course, taken out of context. Bottom line - she has as much right to say what she said, regardless of her religious affiliation, as you and I have to post your comments here. THINK!
    Brett said...
    If you click on the Sally Kern label at the bottom of this post, you will see that I have the Flashpoint interview embedded from YouTube. I have watched it several times.
    She never said anything was taken out of context, and in fact stood by what she said. She can say what she wants, but as a State Representative she will have to live with the political consequences, as will the rest of the republican leadership in the state who she embarassed.
    I don't know for sure, this is my guess, but that rally tomorrow in her support is going to be a lot of the ultra extreme groups such as the God Hates Fags group from Kansas (whatever Church that is). I'm not saying they are going to be there, but I'm saying those are the kinds of people that she is appealing to.
    I was pretty disappointed to see that Concerned Women For America is going to be showing their support. I have a lot of respect for them.
    Again, I agree with nearly all of what she stands for, but the few comments she made are way extreme and I can't support them. And I don't like the smug attituded and refusal to apologize.
    She should THINK.

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