Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Longer Relevant

A reason that people give for not studying the Bible is that it is no longer relevant. It was a book that applied to a certain day and age, and we have advanced far beyond the culture that it was written for. While I don't agree with this argument, at least it is honest. Many of the reasons that have been discussed so far are merely excuses. When people say "It's too time consuming" or "It's too difficult" or "It's too confusing" what is generally meant is they have no desire. These excuses make us feel better about ourselves.

When someone blatanlty comes out honestly and says "It just doesn't apply to my current life today" there is an honesty to the statement that I appreciate. However, the Bible is God's revelation of Himself to man, regardless of the time it was written. Yes our culture is vastly different than the culture it was written in. But it does not mean the principles don't apply.

The problem is not that the scriptures don't apply to our culture, the problem is that our culture doesn't apply the teachings of the scripture. I often hear people say "we have to make the Bible relevant and real. We have to make the Bible come alive for people." This sounds good, but the Bible doesn't need us to make it relevant. It is relevant on it's own. The scripture should make us come alive, we shouldn't have to make it come alive.

Pride is the primary reason that one can claim that the Bible is no longer relevant. As man makes progress in areas of science and technology, a lesser dependence on God is felt. If answers can be found in science and technology, why is the Bible needed?

It is needed because it has information that no other book has. It is not a science book, and it is not intended to be a science book. It is God revealing Himself to man. No science book can do that. I'm not saying science is not important, but I am saying that it doesn't reveal God. Many proponents of Intelligent Design will immediately disagree and argue that science does point to God. While I agree that God has made himself known through creation, this is known as Natural Revelation. The revelation I am talking about is Divine Revelation. Here is a link that will very briefly describe the difference. Creation says there is a God, the Bible teaches how to know God.

As we become more technologically advanced, we feel that we become less dependent on God, and may abandon the concept of God altoghter. The concept of a God or gods is for primitive cultures trying to understand complicated concepts or create a meaning for their existence. As time goes, there will be a tendency to move further and further from the concept of God. This will start with ideas such as "The Bible is no longer relevant."


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