Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lazy Christian

I have gone through a list of reasons that people give for not studying the Bible. The last one on my list is laziness. I think a lot of people give other excuses when the real reason is that they are lazy. Before getting mad because it sounds judgmental, know that I am lazy. I want easy. I want quick.

It's much easier to watch televsion during the evening, or read a nice easy book of fiction before drifting off to sleep. I'll even take an easy read about the Bible instead of the Bible. Give me the cliffs notes. Give me the theology and the doctrine. But I don't really want to put the effort into personal study.

This series has been a challenge for me, I certainly don't have it all together. I struggle. Yes, I keep a blog, and yes I know a little bit about theology and doctrine. And yet I don't read the Bible as often as I should. I certainly don't study the Bible as I ought. The other reasons were easy to write about because deep down I know that the real reason is my own laziness. Yes, I could make other excuses, but I know the true reason.

I have had a lot of fun going through my list of excuses for not studying the Bible. I am going to begin a new series on why we should study the Bible. I have a list started, but would like to get feedback from others before I begin. So I ask the question, Why Should We Study the Bible?


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