Thursday, March 13, 2008

It may be old news, but my post a few days ago generated a comment and an email that I feel very strongly needs to be addressed. Kathy Griffin made a controversial statement about Jesus when she accepted her Emmy Award. You can see the Youtube video here. I also watched her interview with Larry King. She is a comedian trying to be funny. She was not being serious, it was an act. So what's the big deal?

It's a big deal because it makes fun of the person who died to pay our debts. It should be extremely personal. Check out this video.

This is one of many stories about organ donation. Parents can take at least some comfort in knowing that through the death of their child, others are given a chance to live.

So how does this relate? In a lot of ways, but let me ask this question. Would a person whose life was saved dare mock the person who dontated their organs? It is unthinkable. Would a person say publicly "Suck it Candi this is my heart now?"

Jesus, however, gave us more than new organs. And He did so willingly, as opposed to those whose organs were donated. He has given Christians the gift of eternal life, among many other things. I'm not surprised or mad at the statement made by Kathy Griffin. It is what to be expected from the world and those that do not know God. But it does make me a little angry that Christians don't see anything wrong with it and find it funny.


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