Monday, March 31, 2008


I am thinking about keeping a prayer journal. If you keep one, how long have you been keeping it? Has it made a difference? Would you please share some organizational tips with me to get me started?

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  1. Jacob Hantla said...
    Yes it has helped...the area in which it has most helped has been in retrospectively looking at the things I was praying for and seeing how God has dealt with just about every one, but rarely in the way I asked.

    Format: Keep it simple and something you can keep up.

    I use Libronix prayer list to keep track of mine (, but in the past I done both a notebook and a Word document. The benefit to the Word doc is I can type faster than I write, it's searchable, and its legible. The drawback is I have to be by my computer. A little notebook will be much more flexible.

    Sometimes I write every word that I pray (like a letter or email to God)...very helpful when I'm distracted. Sometimes I just jot down bullet points.

    My advice: Keep it simple and be flexible. The journal is a tool and not the end.

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