Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Book of Confusion?

Another reason that christians give for not studying the Bible is that it is too confusing. Some may give this reason to avoid the work of trying to make sense out of the Bible. If this is the case, then lack of motivation is the primary reason, not the fact that it is confusing.

I again go back to the perspicuity, or clarity of scripture. The Bible is clear with respect to the essentials, and is not confusing. I believe that we can make the Bible confusing at times when we disagree with what is read and try to change the meaning. We can make the Bible confusing at times when have a political agenda, or just feel a certain way about an issue and try to make the Bible agree. We can make the Bible confusing when we try to take our preconceived notions and current culture and try to make the Bible agree.

A better and less confusing approach is to try to set feelings and preconceived notions aside (difficult to do) and read the words on the page and try to figure out exactly what a passage actually means. Get a good commentary and Bible Dictionary to help. Once the meaning is understood, there will be a multitude of applications that will come about. The problem is that it takes work, and it may be easier to simply throw up our hands and say "It is just too confusing."

I am not saying that there is absolutely no confusion in the Bible. What I am saying is that the basic message is clear. I am also saying that a little bit of work can alleviate some of the confusion. I am also saying that we tend to make it more confusing than it is because we may want it to say something it doesn't.


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