Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh For a Flu Shot that Works

I became ill on Sunday night and am just now getting some strength back. I worked a half day yesterday, but had to come home because of lack of energy. My wife and 1 year old son both came home sick yesterday with fevers. My seven yeard old son woke up this morning with a fever.
Our 1 year old has tonsilitis, so the flu shot wouldn't have helped him, but it would have helped the rest of us. I stood in line at Walgreens for a long time, not knowing how long I could stand there. Just about everyone there said they had the flu, and most had the flu shot.
That's all the energy I have right now, and my youngest is crying for me. Prayers are appreciated.

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  1. Art said...
    Prayers ascending... get well soon!

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