Friday, February 08, 2008

There was another shooting this morning at a Technical College in Louisiana. Two things need to be said before I make my point. First, I offer my prayers and condolences to those affected in any way. Second, I do not own a gun, I probably will never own a gun, and I tend to stay away from debates about gun control. I'm indifferent on the issue.

That being said, this quote from the above article seems very biased.

Mass shootings are not particularly rare in the United States, where the gun-ownership lobby is politically influential and gun control is far less strict than in many countries.


  1. John said...
    But, but, but...the school was a 'gun-free zone'! Surely that should have prevented this mass shooting!
    I Shun Gun Fun said...
    The people who think that the only way to stop these shootings is to take away the _ability_ of the shooters to attack are the same folks who internationally think the only way to be safe is to take away their _intent_ to harm us? We should remove the handguns of the US Citizens, but on a foreign policy scale, such tactics won't work, and we've got to address the underlying causes of the terrorists' hate.

    You can't simply remove the tool and expect the problem to go away.

    That being said, we do sit in an awkward, in-between spot now. We either not zero guns or a lot more if we ever want people to be safe.

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