Sunday, January 13, 2008

When to Say No

Our church is creating a new IT committee and I was going to be asked to be the chair. I am up a little late because I feel bad that I had to say no. I literally just sent an email explaining that I can't do it. I'll probably be awake a few more hours now.

I travel quite a bit, sometimes over the weekends. I have a baby who is getting ready to turn one. I am going to start teaching a new Sunday School class next week.

I know that people have excuses they make when they don't want to do something. The difference is that I want to, but I think it would be a bad decision.

When is it ok to say no, and when is it a duty, or even an obligation to say yes?


  1. Brian said...

    There is no problem in declining an offer for unselfish reasons. Everyone knows you have a hectic and unpredictable work schedule. You are over-extended as it is. You are only human.

    You know your life better than we do. If you have too many other commitments and do not want to stretch yourself too thin, we understand.

    Although, you were our first choice, there are others who will be able to step in and take the lead. I am just happy you are still willing to help when you can. If we can't have all of your knowledge, we'll be happy with what we can get from you.

    John said...
    It's perfectly fine. In fact, it's the right thing to do. Church is supposed to be a place of Sabbath rest, not exhaustion. A church that works its members or clergy into the ground is missing something important in its community life.

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