Friday, January 18, 2008


I am probably behind the times, but saw an old post about the concept of a tumblelog. It is similar to a blog, but is more quick and easy. It is meant to be a collection of videos, web links, pictures, quotes, etc. It is not meant to have the editorial content of a normal blog, and does not have comments.

I think that most blogs I read already have an element of a tumblelog with links to other posts and youtube videos. I created a tumblelog meant to be a companion to this blog. If I see quote or article I like, or see a youtube video of intersest, I'll put it there first (and maybe both places). As I have time to comment on the collection in the tumbleblog, I'll do so on this blog.

It would be really cool to go now and register your tumbleblog with the same name as your blog, like I just did mine. It would then be easy to find by other methobloggers.

I think this is a cool concept, and I'm surprised that I have not heard of it. Let me know if you create one and what you think. It seems very simple and should require much less effort than blogging.


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