Friday, January 11, 2008

Gibbs Gets It, Feinstein Doesn't

John Feinstein's Washing Post Article ripping Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs for being too evangelistic proves he doesn't get it. Below are some excerpts from the column.

I find evangelicals in any religion a little bit frightening. This has nothing to do with my being Jewish, for those who are about to go down that road. I find rabbis who say Jews shouldn't marry out of the faith offensive, just as I find ayatollahs who say that anyone who doesn't subscribe to Islam isn't worthy of living to be terrifying. When my daughter was baptized, the priest who performed the baptism made the point that there is far more common ground between Christians and Jews than differences. I happen to agree with that.

When Glenn Brenner, the wonderful WUSA sportscaster, died in 1997, Gibbs stood up at his funeral and said that Brenner had accepted Jesus Christ as his savior just prior to his death. Many of us who knew Brenner were skeptical about the comment, but even if it was 100 percent true, found it completely offensive that Gibbs chose a moment meant to celebrate Glenn's life to literally use the pulpit to claim that Brenner had "seen the light." If he did, fine, that should have been a private matter.

Anytime you disagree with someone who invokes God, you are going to be in trouble. I'm sure I'm about to learn that lesson again. But some things need to be said, even when staying away from the topic is far easier. If Gibbs wants to say, "Hail to the Redskins," that's more than fine. But that's where the public "hails" should end.

I thank God for men of character like Joe Gibbs who realize that being a Christian is not a private matter. I know that at my funeral, I want someone like Coach Gibbs as a cheerleader telling everyone about how I accepted Christ. I am reminded of my dad's funeral, and the wonderful things that people stood up and said about him and his faith. I couldn't be prouder.

ht: Biblemoth's Blog

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  1. Brian said...
    This article does not surprise me in the least. Feinstein is not a Christian, therefore lacks the value and belief system our faith gives us. He is simply a lost sheep.

    As much as he and others like him irritate me, I somehow feel sorry for him. It is sad to see someone blatantly turn their back to the one person who can save them from eternal damnation.

    When we see or hear of people voice these opinions, it is our moral responsibility to suppress our anger and resentment and do what we can to lead those people to Christ.

    I'm glad you wrote this. I typically keep up with current events, but have not come across this article.


    P.S. I believe you will do well leading the young adult's Sunday school class.

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