Thursday, November 08, 2007

Welcome Brian

I am out of town with limited access to the internet, but want to take a moment to give an introduction to a friend of mine who will be contributing posts from time to time. He has already hit the ground running with his post on Living the Word. I have been seeking some people that I know and trust to contribute to the blog, and Brian eagerly accepted the offer. If you can't tell by his first post, he has an opinion and knows how to articulate it very well. I look forward to reading what he has to add to this blog.

I may or may not be posting next week, it depends on how much work I have, and how well the internet access holds up.

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  1. Brian said...
    Thank you Brett. You are too kind. I plan to post at least one or two rants of mine weekly. I will try no to be too blunt or accusing, but I really have no idea what I will write until I begin pressing these tiny little keys.

    Please feel free to correct or add to anything I write.

    God Bless,


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