Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video Units Sponsored by YouTube

At the bottom of each page of this site, I have a neat new feature from Google AdSense and YouTube called Video Units. On the YouTube video, you can select Menu, and switch between several different videos. The videos and ads that run with them are supposed to be context sensitive, meaning they should go along with the theme of this blog or a particular post on the blog. The videos seem a little generic at this time (but very funny. I really like Chad Vader).

I don't have control yet over what videos run, but the selection has grown since I set it up yesterday. If you enjoy the video, it would be great if you would click on at least one of the ads. All money generated goes back into the blog or will be donated to charity. I will always post what is done with the money.

remeber to sign up for my rss feed or email list and let me know so you will be entered into the November 1 drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Sorry the video is in such an awkward spot, I can't get it to work correctly anywhere else at the moment. Enjoy!


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