Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Kill...

Unless it's for the sake of evangelism. This is absolutely absurd. If they really want to bring kids into church, maybe they should hire some strippers and serve alcohol. And to get kids to at a minimum open their Bibles every once in a while, why not get some dirty pictures and insert them between the pages?

I've never played Halo, and probably won't play Halo3. But I'm not innocent on the games I play. My wife will concur that I spend a lot more time playing violent games than I should. I wait for the kids to go to bed, then open my laptop or turn on the playstation. My current favorite is Americas Army. I can't excuse it, and really shouldn't try.

But it is much worse to lure young and impressionable kids into Church by giving them the same things the world offers. Stuff like this drives me crazy. Youth ministers should know better, and should not resort to such cheap tactics to get kids to come to Church. This is not dancing or playing cards, this is much much more serious. This just happened a few hours ago.

Parents should be outraged. Think of the parents that don't allow their children to play anything but games rated E or T, or prohibit video games altogether. "So what did you learn in Church this evening?"

Call me a hypocrite, because I am. I probably have a double standard, but I think presenting the gospel is a better evangelistic tool than playing violent video games.

Dr. Todd Fisher, pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma says that such tactics stem from a lack of orthodox doctrine being taught. The church needs to seek ways to be relevant without compromising it's message. "this latest 'stunt' to draw kids to church is indicative of the ever increasing worldliness in the church. Churches need to seek ways to be relevant to culture in the methods they are using to reach people with the gospel. We see biblical examples of this such as Paul at Mars Hill in Acts 17. However, the methods a church uses must never betray the message they are teaching. The problem, then, is that Halo 3 does not conflict with the message many churches are teaching since doctrine has been watered down and exposition of the Scripture is largely absent. Churches must first reclaim biblical doctrine in both orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Churches must be confessional entities that resolutely hold to the absolute truth of Scripture. If they do so, they will be repulsed at the notion of using Halo 3 as a hook to draw teenagers."

Please be sure to read my followup.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I must say that it is truly discouraging to see what youth these days are subjected to. It is simply absurd to use tools to lure youth to church that are not a part of a Christ-driven cirriculum.

    It is more crucial to use enthusiasm of scripture than to be enthusiastic about entertainment. All I am saying is that it would be nice see youth proclaiming their faith to one another. I would like to see a redirection of values in these kids. That means less emphasis on visual aids and fun and more on their spirituality. Once they are comfortable in knowing they are living God's will, their life will be full of a true sense of purpose.


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