Friday, August 17, 2007

SST Teams With Payperpost

SST is pleased to announce that this blog will now run periodic blog ads that are written for payperpost. This venture is exciting for several reasons, the biggest being that it should provide the necessary revenue to run occasional contests for prizes. Other revenue generating methods have been experimented with, such as creating affiliations with Amazon and Google AdWords. Over 3 years, these generated enough revenue to sponsor one contest. These ads continue to run, but they do very little,and there is a downside.

There are two drawbacks for GoogleAds. The first is the lack of control over the actual ads that run. They are generated from provided keywords, but marketers are tricky. If a keyword of "God" is provided, for example, an ad may run titled something like "Why God doesn't exist" or something else contrary to the message of this blog. Ads can be banned after they begin showing up, but they must continually be monitored.
The other drawback is that they must generate at least $100 of revenue before paying. That's a lot of people clicking these ads at .05 per click. I have revenue generated, but have yet to see a dime of it.

Amazon is a little better in some areas in that certain books or products may be promoted, but it has limitations as well. The biggest is that people don't click on the ads. Just about every blog in existence has an affiliation with Amazon, so competition is fierce. The SST blog should not be designed around trying to get Amazon clicks. Readers can see right through such tactics.

As stated earlier, I want to run some periodic contests for prizes, but I am not in the financial position at this time to promote with my own money. My goal financially is to live on a budget and get out of debt (years away) except for our home, so the blog has to wait.

While researching other methods to generate blog revenue, it was found that payperpost has many answers to the frustrations and disadvantages discussed earlier. There is total control over the posts that will appear. Only articles that are appropriate for the content of this site will be written. It is known in advance how much will be paid for writing a review or article, and it is not dependent on someone clicking on an ad. All ads will be written specifically by a contributor to the SST Blog, and not by an outside marketer.

All of these advantages make this an exciting time for the SST Blog. Instead of promoting a SST Book of the Month, how about being able to give away an SST Book of the Month? Payperpost may be the perfect solution for generating needed blog revenue. While the SST affiliation with payperpost is new, if you have a blog I would recommend using them as an opportunity to generate some blog revenue.


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