Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Innocent Man

I travelled recently to Yakutat, Alaska for business. It is very remote. I was in a fishing lodge with no tv, access to a public payphone, and no internet. The battery charger to my laptop quit working, so I used the computer sparingly. Before leaving, I purchased the audio book The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town by John Grisham.

This really kept me sane during the times I was not busy working. Sadly, I must say that I missed the television, internet, and phone. However, that's another post for another day. The book is about two murders that took place in Ada, Oklahoma. I was not familiar with the story, but was very familiar with the places mentioned. When talking about it after I got back, I found that a lot of people are familiar with the story and even the people mentioned. I have a brother in law that was going to school in Ada at the time of the murders. they were definitely the talk of the town.

I am pleased to recommend this book as the SST Book of the Month for August. Note that the link above is for the audio presentation. The book is available for purchase in the SST Bookstore. It is not a Christian book, so read the notes at the bottom of the post. There are some graphic descriptions of the murders, and some language. It is the story of Ron Williamson, a small town baseball legend with a shot at the major leagues. Due to several factors including police anxious to solve the crime and an overzealous prosecutor, Williamson is sentenced to death for the murder of Debra Sue Carter. His story is nothing short of amazing, and I could not get enough.

I enjoy a variety of books, so the SST Book of the Month may or may not be a Christian book. Look for History, Biographies, Politics, Business, Fiction (even Science Fiction and Fantasy), Doctrine, and Theology. Many of these, but not all will have a Christian emphasis.


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