Monday, July 02, 2007

Vanity of Vanities

I heard an excellent sermon yesterday from Ecclesiastes Chaper 12. It is important to begin a foundation with God while young. This foundation will continue to grow throughout life. To illustrate, think of the importance of beginning to save for retirement while young. It's the first early dollars that are important financially, and the first early years are important spiritually. The video was not part of the sermon, but it went through my mind as I heard the message.

Something else came to mind as well. I like stuff. I have a problem with impulse buying. I think that I really need a newer faster computer. I need a PlayStation 3. I need a new ipod. I need an HDTV. I need a new iphone (really bad). I know for a fact that if I was not held accountable by my wife, I would have these things and more. And I also know they would be fun for a week or so, then bring no enjoyment. And after the enjoyment was gone, the payments would continue, and the objects would be worth much less than what I would owe. I would still be paying on something that no longer brings enjoyment. The object would need to be replaced by the next newer model in order to bring more temporary satisfaction. Always searching for the next temporary thrill. Why?

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  1. Brett said...
    In answer to my own question, I believe it is because we are sinners and are totally reliant on the grace of God to overcome our self destructive behaviors.
    Left to our own merits, it is true, "all is vanity."

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