Monday, July 09, 2007

Baptism of Our Son

I need to start by apologizing to all the regular church attenders who had their assigned seats taken away during the worship service yesterday. We had 20 family members who came to see the baptism of our son, and we took up nearly 3 rows of pews in the back. I didn't hear too many complaints, especially considering the rest of the church was full as well.
It was a very special time for my family. The new pastor did a great job of making it feel special. From my experience, I have seen many baptisms where they appear very robotic. The words come easily because it has been done so many times before, and no real thought goes in to it.
Two people came to me at individual times afterwards not to say congratulations, but to say what a great moment it was for them. One said that baptisms are sometimes an afterthought at the end of the service, and that this time it was the hilite for her. I felt the same way, but it is hard to tell when you or your family are at the center of attention.
Since I started by apologizing, let me end by saying thank you. Thanks to our family for being there. Thank you to the pastor for helping to make the experience special. And thank you to those from our church family who felt led to stand with us during this special time. I didn't realize it, but I watched the video last night, and there were a lot of people standing with us. I bet that freed up a lot of seats.


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