Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Old Hymns to New Music

Hymns are generally rich in doctrine and teaching. Contemporary music has more to do with feeling and emotion. I enjoy both, but I sometimes feel that the contemporary music is shallow compared to the old hymns that I grew up with. There are exceptions, but take a few of your favorite hymns, and a few of your favorite contemporary worship songs, and write out the lyrics. Read over them a few times, and maybe you'll agree. Find some lyrics here for hymns. I couldn't find a good site that had contemporary praise and worship lyrics. Leave a comment if you find one.

Indelible Grace Music takes the words from older hymns and puts them into newer music styles. I listened to a couple of samples (here and here) and like what I heard, which was a little surprising to me. Usually when someone remakes a song, they try to do too much with it to make it their own. Sort of like listening to people sing the national anthem at sporting events. I just want it to be sung like it was meant to be sung. I didn't get that same vibe from the songs I listened to.

Hat tip Brian Thornton

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  1. Anonymous said...
    dude, how old are you? You sound like my grandpa, no offense. He thinks that new music is from the devil. Do u believe that?
    I go to church, and shouldnt church be about feeling instead of thinking? If I want to think Ill go to college. If I want to feel something Ill go to church.

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