Thursday, February 22, 2007

Splitting Hairs on Grace

I am a fan of the Dave Ramsey Show. It is a radio show about debt and how to dig yourself out. I have a long way to go still, but I am trying. He is a christian, and while his show is about personal finances and debt management, he does bring in christian principles. He made a short and simple comment about grace that caught my attention. Analyzing a comment made about grace on a radio show about money may seem a little much, but so be it. His comment gave me something to ponder.

"There is lot's of grace and mercy around me because I need it."

Is this statement accurate? Yes and No. Taken apart, they are both accurate. The first part of the statement reads "There is lot's of grace and mercy around me." No argument there. The second part reads "I need it." No problem there either. But I do have a small problem (splitting hairs) about the work because.
He doens't give me grace simply because I need it. I do need grace, but if God doesn't love me, I won't get it. His grace has everything to do with His love for me and nothing to do with my need for His grace.


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