Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prophecy Series - 70 Weeks Prophecy

I am honored that Brett has asked me to contribute to his blog. I hope God will speak through me and I can share some of the things He has shown me over the years. Like many, I have struggled with faith, but have also been given many reassurances from God. I look forward to continuing to learn new things from this site. Also, I am excited about having my ideas reviewed and even challenged by others. I give my word that I will try to be objective and empathetic to all questioning of my opinions. I will try to provide answers that even people who do not share my basic beliefs and assumptions will find worth considering.

That being said, I thought that one of the things I could do was initiate a series on Biblical prophecies. The Bible says we should always be ready to give an answer for our hope, and I think this is one of the best avenues for doing so. I would like to start with the 70 weeks prophecy in Daniel. It is one of the most astonishing in the Bible, and directly relates to Christ being the Messiah.

Basically, the angel Gabriel tells Daniel the exact day of Messiah the Prince. He says that from the time of the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem to Messiah the Prince will be what works out to 173,880 days. In fact, this was the exact number of days until Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey declaring himself to be King. (We celebrate this day on Palm Sunday.) Below is the link to a detailed explanation, but you can find many books and information on this topic.

(Please note that I am not vouching for every opinion on this site, but I thought its explanation of this was one of the clearest.)

To me, this prophecy was life-changing. What is your opinion? Are there certain aspects that stand out as the most amazing? Is there anything you question about this prophecy?


  1. Brett said...
    This is going to be fun. Your thoughts are too good to be hidden in the comments. Plus, prophecy is an area I am not comfortable with, mostly because of the wide range of ideas out there. It is easy to get carried away into areas of speculation. I try to "play it safe" which is probably not a good thing.
    heather.ariyeh said...
    I share your feelings. I am not totally comfortable with all of it either. I certainly feel that some the passages are interpreted a bit liberally in order to make them "work". I will also include some of these that I am less confident about to get feedback from you all.

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