Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More on The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Ben Witherington has a followup to yesterday's post about the upcoming documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus. It is pretty deep stuff, and I will spend more time trying to digest the information later. These types of documentaries, stories, and "new" discoveries seem to come out every Easter.


  1. Chris Rosebrough said...
    I've written a comprehensive rebuttal to claims and evidence of this film. Please read it and decide for yourself.

    You will find it at
    heather.ariyeh said...
    I will read that! Thanks for the post. I wanted to mention that Anderson Cooper 360 interviewed an archaeologist and someone involved with the film last night. One point they were making was that if this was a serious scientific claim, why not submit it to a peer-reviewed journal? The man on the film's side said he is a journalist, not an academic and feels academics have been sitting on this information for 27 years. I do have a hard time believing that as many atheist scholars as there are out there, and as huge of a find this would be that they would just ignore it. I have my dvr set to record this, so we'll see whta the claims are on Sunday I guess.

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