Thursday, December 14, 2006

Real Men Love Jesus?

The Los Angeles Times has an article about a christian fringe movement called GodMen that is meant to make men feel more comfortable being a christian. It sounds to me like a bunch of men that get together to watch porn, cuss, camp, and play paintball. It doesn't take anything special to be this kind of a man. This whole movement is based on pride and arrogance.

Note: I wrote the above based on the LA Times article. I feel a little better after reading the organization's response. They probably don't get together to watch porn, they just "have x-rated chats about lust." I don't see God glorified anywhere in this movement. I see man worshipping his masculinity. I see a comedian who is making a mockery out of the gospel.

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  1. heather.ariyeh said...
    I definitely think it is good to make Christianity accessible to everyone, but not at the cost of compromising doctrine. The Bible says we should not be of the world, and to me this seems like using things of the world to attract others that find this to be a more suitable arrangement than sacrificing the worldly part of themselves. (Yes I’ve used worldly three times.) I can’t help but think about David, a man after God’s heart, who praised God with singing and dancing, not caring what others thought of him. To me, that is what should be focused on in church worship, not how cool or “masculine” it is.

    It also surprises me that they have embraced this “no more nice guy”/Jesus was not a nice guy attitude. There are times when Jesus was aggressive, but other times when he turned the other cheek. What was always at the center was doing God’s will, not, as Brett says, for the sake of their pride or worshipping their masculinity.

    I think what bothers me the most is that it all seems so misogynist. (“Don’t need in touch with my feminine side!”) They have defined masculinity and femininity based on extreme/rigid stereotypes. Males, they assert, are these hyper-aggressive, tough guys and females are the emotive, song-singing, weak people. Men are all that is powerful, and women are “sissies”. I do not believe that such an extreme view is Biblical, but comes from society. I’m sure this is appealing to men that are more interested in maintaining an unfair power advantage over women, but not to men that are motivated by serving God and others. To do that, you must leave your pride behind. I know in their response they said some of the songs are tongue-in-cheek, but as Christians we should be more concerned with challenging the status quo than being funny or cool. Also, this view of masculinity does a disservice to men by only recognizing and valuing one part of their humanity – the tough, aggressive side. Men are human, however, and have a full range of emotions. They shouldn’t be considered less masculine because of this. The fact that the only acceptable emotion men are allowed to express is anger is unhealthy and definitely unbiblical.

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