Thursday, January 04, 2007

Affabel: Window of Eternity

It was that awkward time of the year at the office. Normally, the time between Christmas and the New Year is a time when little gets accomplished. Minds are far from work, and the clock watchers are more anxious than ever. Even those that don’t normally watch the clock are anxious to finish the week and get home to their families.

This year, however, was different. I had work to accomplish and deadlines to meet. It wasn’t anything major or out of the ordinary, but I felt like it was stuff that “had” to be done before I came back to start a new year. After all, who doesn’t like to start with a clean slate on the first day of the New Year?

After grabbing a quick lunch, I returned to find a gift in my chair. It was about the size of a CD, gift wrapped in silver with a white bow. On the back there was printed note attached, which I should have kept. I scanned to the bottom to see that it was from a co-worker. The note said that he and his wife had listened to the story of Affabel on the radio, and were so touched that they felt they had to share it with the rest of the office. They must have enjoyed it immensely, since they purchased one for each member of our department.

I opened the package and found a beautifully illustrated CD case with four CDs in it. Affabel: Window of Eternity. I plugged my headphones into my laptop, and then inserted the first CD. I was unfamiliar with John Bevere, but his voice explained that Affabel is an allegory, which means that all of the characters and places actually represent something else.

“Sort of like the Pilgrim’s Progress,” I thought to myself. As I listened, I my assumption was correct, although there are a few differences. The Pilgrim’s Progress is meant to point out our sin and our inadequacy before God. Affabel is meant to illustrate the judgment side of God.

I listened to all 4 CDs that afternoon (the total running time was a little over 2 hours) while I worked. I was a little skeptical about some of it, and thoroughly elated at other parts. It follows the lives of 5 people: Charity, Independent, Faint Heart, Selfish, and Deceived. Each one makes decisions with their lives that affect where they will spend eternity. I was riveted at the end when each had to stand before King Jalyn (who represents Jesus) at the final judgment.

There are some definite theological teachings that I question. Affabel teaches that one can lose their salvation. It is also a little light on the doctrine of grace. I also had some questions about the role of the Holy Spirit in regards to divine revelation, and the free will of man. These issues aside, I think it does a good job of presenting the gospel in a way that can be understood and responded to, and I would highly recommend it.

I have my copy loaned out at the moment, and I thought about donating it to the church library when I get it back. I have another idea, however. I would like to get the copy out into the hands of those that would be interested. If you would like to listen to the presentation, let me know in the comments. If you are a Wesley member, I'll bring it to you. If not, I will ship it to you. All that I ask is that you then send it back to me or to someone else that would like to listen. Keep me informed of where it is so I can keep track. I will pay for shipping one way if you will pay to have it sent back or elsewhere. If there is enough interest, I may create a blogroll for people that have listened to the presentation.

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  1. SK said...
    Thank you for your comment , I just finished listening to the cd's yeeterday and although it was moving, it left me feeling fearful, not peaceful. I too did not have a peace about the loss of salvation, and lack of grace represented. I am a pastors wife and have listened to my husband preach sermons on God's love,mercy and grace for over 20 years, Is he going to be judged for NOT preaching "Hell, fire and Brimstone"? This series has left me with many questions and If anything I will be spending more time in The Word to understand Judgement, Mercy and Grace. I was glad to read someone had the same exact questions that I did. I pray God will use this Series in spite of its questionable doctrine.
    jamie said...
    I've heard so much about this Audio Cd, I'd love to hear it!
    Brett Royal said...
    jamie -
    email me your mailing address. brett.royalATgmailDOTcom

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