Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Miracles Explained

The blog Uncommon Descent has claimed to explain the mystery of the virgin birth. Scot even says:

I have a problem with these people in that they arbitrarily limit what science can potentially explain. The so called supernatural remains supernatural only as long as there’s no metric by which to measure it. Once a metric is discovered the supernatural becomes the natural.

I thought it was a stretch to try to explain how Jesus walked on ice, not on water. Science can explain a lot, and it may indeed solve some mysteries that have been debated throughout church history. However, it is a stretch to force science to explain miracles that are in the Bible.

Here's another quote:
science now reveals that the virgin birth of a human male is quite possible. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I do not understand the science involved in the argument. However, I understand a little statistics (it took me 3 times to pass in college). If the virgin birth can be explained scientifically, and it is "quite possible," wouldn't a virgin birth (I'm talking human) have happened before or after? Are there any other documented cases? If there are, I would agree that it is not a miracle. To me, instead of reading all this stuff about meiosis, maybe we could just talk about midi-chlorians as another possible explanation.

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  1. braingumbo said...
    I have a theory that, for me, adequately explains the ridiculous and constant contention displayed between religion and science.

    The two main facets of any answer are "how" and "why". Religion, even the whacked out ones, rarely touches on the how, and science by definition has no place in the why.

    So, as society progresses and science uncovers more and more how answers, people think they've trumped religion. For instance, the explanation that rainbows exist because the light shines through water droplets does not explain why they are there. As these facts are discovered, people say "see, the biblical stories are hooey, but we've got the answers", but all they've done is produce the other half.

    It's as if you lend someone $50, and they insist that you didn't, because they understand in detail how money is printed.

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