Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Bible Experience

For my birthday, I received a set of CDs that were inspired by The Bible Experience. I just finished listening to the first two chapters of the Book of John, and I am very impressed. It has a famous cast of african american actors including Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding Jr. It is read in a way that is easily followed, and anyone who is a fan of audiobooks, or books on tape, know that this is a feat in itself. With many audiobooks that I listen to, I am constantly rewinding because my mind wanders. I think it is the movie quality sound effects. It is more than narration. It is an excellent dramatic presentation. I hope the rest is at the same level.

I am a big fan of Max McLain's Listener's Bible, and I have listened to it countless hours in my car. His voice takes some getting used to. For me, the Bible Experience CDs did not take any getting used to. I was able to follow from the second I put the CD. The sound on the Bible Experience CDs is also far superior, and has sound effects and music, which the Listener's Bible lacks. I look forward to continued listening, and will continue to give my thoughts.

I have a few questions I am going to keep in the back of my mind as I listen.

  • Is it better to have music and sound effects, or is it better to just listen to the scripture?

  • Will the music and sound effects add to,or take away from the message of scripture?

  • Will listening to a reading with different celebrities representing different characters be a distraction?

Have you ever listened to a Bible on tape or CD? If so, was it beneficial?


  1. Jean said...
    I have never listened to an audio Bible until recently. I think you can listen to an audio bible and follow along and then again you can hear someone just reading to you. It's just like going to church though I think and hearing someone read it to you without reading along. So it depends. As far as music goes, I know the Old Testament is out now and there is no music.
    Brett said...
    I heard a sample of the Old Tesament Bible Experience on It was the first part of the book of Genesis. I pay a monthly fee to audible for a free download each month, and I think I'm getting it next. I didn't realize there was no music.

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