Friday, October 06, 2006

53rd Week in the Year

What does this post have to do with Sunday School? Nothing. What about religion? Nothing unless you worship football. The Texas-Oklahoma game (or Oklahoma-Texas game depending on which state you are from) is this weekend. I don't usually write about such things here, but this is an exception. There has to be a little trash talking going on, or it's just not as fun. Plus I bet I get some extra comments.

I was born in Austin (my last name is Royal, and yes I'm related) but have been in Oklahoma since first grade. I have been a Texas Football fan as far back as I can remember, so I have grown up taking a lot of grief. I'm also a Methodist with some Reformed leanings, so I guess I just ask for it. By the grace of God, I was in High School when Peter Gardere was the starting QB for Texas, so I went 4-0 and never had to hear it from my friends during that time.

Even though I have two big reasons to hate OU, (A Texas Footbal fan and a graduate of Oklahoma State), I don't hate the University of Oklahoma Football program. I hope they go 10-2 every year, losing to Texas and OSU (Oklahoma State University for those outside the Big 12). Most weeks I watch Oklahoma play, and I hope they win. However, like Barry Switzer said, "there's 52 weeks in a year, and then there's this week." BEAT OU! Hook 'Em Horns. Texas wins 27-17

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I looked briefly, but can't find any blogs with some good trash talking going on. Send me some good links and I'll post them here, or just start the trash talking by leaving a comment.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Texas Sucks
    Anonymous said...
    and you are a traitor. OU wins 65-13 (again).
    Randy From Nebraska said...
    I hate them both. go huskers!!!
    John said...
    Football sucks.

    Go D&D!
    Brett said...
    I don't know a whole lot about D&D - Dungeons and Dragons I guess - except that people who play it go to Hell. And they eat rabbits. Keep em in the cage, John.

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