Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wesley on Hell

Read John Wesley's sermon Of Hell. He obviously took the scriptures regarding hell literally. In our postmodern culture, many choose to no longer believe in a literal hell. The idea makes us uncomfortable and accountable for our actions. I believe that hell is more than an idea. I believe that it is a literal place that unbelievers go. I believe this is taught in the scriptures.

Thanks to Jason for the above link.

"As for our pains on earth, blessed be God, they are not eternal. There are some intervals to relieve and there is some period to finish them. When we ask a friend that is sick, how he does; 'I am in pain now,' says he, 'but I hope to be easy soon.' This is a sweet mitigation of the present uneasiness. But how dreadful would his case be if he should answer, 'I am all over pain, and I shall never be eased of it. I lie under exquisite torment of body, and horror of soul; and I shall feel it for ever!' Such is the case of the damned sinners in hell. Suffer any pain, then, rather than come into that place of torment!" - John Wesley



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