Monday, July 10, 2006

Who is a Theologian?

If you are a Christian then you are a theologian

I read two interesting posts about anti intellectualism in the church (Gloria Deo and Papercut Theology)

Sadly, I think both posts are absolutely dead on.

If you say that studying and understanding scripture are thoughts left to theologians, you are absolutely correct. In addition, if you are a Christian then you are a theologian.


  1. Gary said...
    I think people are eager to believe in something without knowing or understanding why they believe it. At my church, I think many people attend, because it's what they've always done. In general, I think people feel that if the question anything, then they are lacking faith. But my faith is deepened by better understanding our history.
    Randy from Nebraska said...
    faith isnt believing in something without knowing why. christians have a duty to read and understand the bible. How can you say you have faith in God, but never read what he has revealed to you?
    Gary said...
    I agree. My bible is worn from daily use. I'm just saying that I'm around some who call themselves Christians who never read the bible. What does that say about them?
    Randy from Nebraska said...
    maybe it means they arent christians. what do you think brett? are you a preacher? you seem smart.
    Brett said...
    I'm a layman, and I'm not that smart. The majority of people that blog are probably smarter than I am. I do enjoy reading scripture and the writings of other theologians.
    I don't think that if someone doesn't read their Bible it automatically implies they aren't a Christian, just as I don't believe that if someone reads their Bible it implies that they are.
    I do believe that if Christians don't study (not just read a passage during a "quiet time" - which defintely has it's uses) the Bible, they will not know why they believe what they do. They will not be able to spot false prophets and false teachings. At best, I personally think they will be lukewarm. These are just off the top of my head.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Randy From Nebraska said...
    dont sell yourself short. You seem smart. I like reading what you have to say. I put you on my yahoo page and I can tell when you put something new onto your site. I think you should become a preacher.
    Anonymous said...
    Stalker Alert

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