Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have mentioned before that I am influenced by Reformed Theology. I have posted links to the League of Reformed Bloggers Blogroll underneath the Methodist Blogroll. You can click on either link on the left to expand. I have asked to be listed on the Reformed Blogroll, but don't know what the answer will be. Even if this blog is not listed, the links will remain. Please take some time to visit their sites and leave some comments. I think the cross traffic will encourage some excellent discussion and debate.


  1. Lee said...
    Huh, a Reformed leaning Methodist! Glad to meet you. Although I was raised Presbyterian, mine was not a straight road to Calvinism. I remember being so mad at the five points of Calvinism that I threw the book I was reading across the room (it was Putting Amazing Back Into Grace by Horton). I'm better now.

    I hope and pray you will have thoughtful and charitable discussions here.
    Brett said...
    This is the one area that I truly struggle with while searching scripture for truth. I have come to a point where I accept a lot of Reformed Theology, and also the understanding that real truth is not dependent on what I believe. As far as the 5 Points of Calvinism go, I still struggle with Limited Atonement.
    Lee said...
    Yup, Limited Atonement is the point on which I threw the book across the room.

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