Friday, June 30, 2006

Noahs Ark

It looks like somebody thinks they have found Noahs Ark. (Again).
ABC News

It doesn't matter if the ark is ever found or not. But it would sure be cool.

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  1. Randy from Nebraska said...
    its just a bunch of people wanting it to be the ark. they will be disapointed again.
    Gary from Texas said...
    I agree with Randy. Too bad for all the believers that it's not true.
    Brett said...
    Don't think that was his point. Truth is not dependent on whether we believe it or not.
    Your disbelief does not mean it never existed, and the belief of others does not mean it did.
    I think his point was that in our eagerness and zeal to want to prove something true, we make irrational claims.
    I hope it is the ark, and I hope they can prove it. But if it's not the ark, or they can't prove it one way or the other, that doesn't mean it never existed.
    Randy from Nebraska said...
    if you agree with me then you agree with brett. If it is not the ark, it should not affect our belief.
    Chilli said...
    Thanks for the link Brett. Keep up the good work.

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