Monday, June 26, 2006

More Religious Intolerance

I agree with Kristina. What the heck is wrong with high schools?

Colorado High School Withholds Valedictorian's Diploma. Here's Why


  1. Anonymous said...
    Maybe the Jewish and Muslim students at her school aren't terribly interested in a message about Jesus.
    Brett said...
    The link to the source works now. Sorry about that.
    So are you saying that after this girl earned her diploma (a valedictorian at that) the school has a right to deny it to her?
    Anonymous said...
    I don't think the school has a right to deny the diploma to this girl. I'm for all kinds of free speech. The more free speech, the better. No matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel, everyone should be free to say whatever they want to, whenever they want to. Practically that's impossible, but that's something we can strive for. I'm a former Christian, but it doesn't upset me if someone wants to speak about Jesus. If that's their thing, more power to them. Brett, how would you feel if a Muslim or Jew was valedictorian and wanted to give a speech like that? Thanks!
    Brett said...
    I would have said "what the heck is wrong with high schools?" It would not have made a difference what was said, the school has no right to withhold a diploma that was earned.
    I think we are in agreement. This doesn't have anything to do with agreeing or not agreeing with the message.
    Anonymous said...
    Point taken. The school was wrong to withhold an earned diploma.

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