Thursday, June 15, 2006

"The Message" Translation

The Message translation is becoming increasingly popular in our Sunday School class. This made me laugh. Hat tip to John.

On a more serious note, this translation is easy to read, especially when read aloud in class. However, I don't think it has that much use for in depth bible study. It is a paraphrase translation (as it the NIV) that leaves much open to the translator/interpreter/paraphraser. This is of course what the above link is pointing out. I prefer the ESV which is an "essentially literal" translation.


  1. John said...
    I also prefer literal translations whenever possible. If it's available, I always reach for the NASB.
    Scott Adkins said...
    I use the Message when I preach and the NASB when I study. I also use the KJV, NIV, NKJV and others as well as Strongs and many commentaires when I study. No one version or translation seems sufficient for me. The Message does a wonderful job of telling the story. It is a readable version and much more navigable for the average lay person. Anyway way, thats my two cents worth.

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