Friday, June 30, 2006

Arminian Semi-Pelagianism?

Do all Arminians (in the tradition of John Wesley) embrace a form of SemiPelagianism? Reformed Thinkers and Theologians often apply this label to those who are skeptical of the doctrine of predestination, or those who outright reject it. This label is not accurate.

Read here to see how close John Wesley was theologically with other Reformed Thinkers.

The label may be more accurate for more contemporary teachings of Wesleyan-Arminianism, as outlined in the above link, but it would be hard to label John Wesley a SemiPelagian.


  1. Randy from Nebraska said...
    they think that since I don't believe in predestination that I'm a heretic. Just like they accused wesley of pelagianism.
    I just added you to my yahoo page. That is so cool.
    Anonymous said...
    Life isn't some conspiracy theory. Get a life.
    randy from nebraska said...
    Why don't you leave your name? Are you afraid someone might know who you are? That's all a big conspiracy theory. Just because you say life isn't a conspiracy theory doesn't mean that people don't have an agenda.
    Alex said...
    Everyone has an agenda.
    Brett said...
    Randy -
    Thanks for adding my site. I wasn't going to bring it up, but your comment about not leaving your name really makes me curious. I don't have any vists registered from Nebraska. Are you ashamed of where you are from or are you afraid of some type of conspiracy? Is Randy an alias? I don't care, just found it interesting. You can comment anytime.
    Randy from Nebraska said...
    I travel

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