Monday, May 22, 2006

Why Did God Let it Happen?

If we question God, and have a "why me" attitude, it proves that we do not really believe in Grace.

We had some interseting discussions on Sunday morning regarding James 1:9-18. It appears that some Christians are meant to have money, and others are not. This is not what is taught by Joel Osteen. I like what Ben Witherington has to say about him. While that was interesting, what really interested me the most about our discussion was the question of "why?"

I know that I've made the following statement to God before, during two low points of my life: "I'm trying to serve you, God. Why are you letting this happen to me? Is this how you repay me?" This reminds me of the questions aksed and answer given in Luke 13:1-5. Two situations are given. In the first situation, soldiers under the direction of Pilate massacred a group of Galileans while they worshipped. In the second situation, 18 people died when a tower collapsed and fell on them.

It is important to understand that if it were not for sin, there would be no death and suffering in this world. However, judging from the answers that Jesus gave, and from the story of Job, the suffering and death of people is not directly proportional to their personal sin. Notice that Jesus did not say "Accidents happen", or "this had nothing to do with their sin" or "I'm sorry it happened." He said "unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."

This is hard for us to understand and possibly even harder for us to accept. The questions asked were all wrong. The question should not be "why does God let bad things happen to people" but rather "why wasn't it me?" If we question God, and have a "why me" attitude, it proves that we do not really believe in Grace. Even if we don't come right out and say it, it proves that we think we somehow deserve God's favor. The fact is that we owe a debt that we can never repay, and God doesn't owe us a thing. It is a self centered attitude of God instead of a God centered attitude.

All of this being said, I want to make the same disclaimer that I made to our Sunday School class. It is easy to write this when all is going right. It is a little easier to accept when we are not in the midst of trials. It is when we are in the midst of struggles that we begin to question God. When I am in the middle of trials in my own life, and I quesiton "why me?" (I'm sure I will), I want to be remined of what I stated here. It may make me mad, but I will know in my heart it is true.

Thank God that our security and our salvation is not based on our feelings!


  1. Sally said...
    grappling with the why questions is an important part of our Christian walk.. I think you were right to put in the disclaimer... over recent years we have had a number of difficult situations to deal with and though we have struggled and asked why, we have come through stronger in faith than before...
    Brett said...
    When my dad died, my sister went to a pastor friend of ours. She asked him why God needed to take her dad. He answered "God doesn't need your dad." This upset my sister, and it upset me when I was told about it. However, looking back, there is much truth to the statement, but when I was in the middle of the trying time my emotions would not allow me to see clearly.

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