Friday, May 12, 2006 Beta

David Faulkner was kind enough to send me an invitation to Ebible. It is a beta version of a Bible Search Engine. It has a lot of potential, and I am really looking forward to really getting in to it and seeing what it can do.

I currently have one invitation to send out. I will send my invitation to the first person that sends me their email address.

If you haven't already heard about, it's a new Bible search
website that offers:

  • Bible search that just works. Discover new verses and rediscover verses you know are in the Bible ... somewhere?!

  • Answers to your questions. We pull from a growing library of modern Bible reference titles to give answers to your questions. (dictionaries, topicals, encyclopedias, handbooks and more)

  • Multiple Bible translations. Switch quickly between the leading Bible translations and even use them in parallel.

  • Bible Commentaries. View expert insight into God's Word right in the margin of your online Bible.

  • Product recommendations. Type in a keyword topic or person or verse and get recommended Christian products perfect for yourself or someone you care about.

  • No large, annoying ads or banners. Just small text ads that are relevant to what you are searching for.

While I'm in the giving mood, I also have 99 free gmail email invitations. I think it's the best free email service there is. It has over 2.7gb of storage, plus many other cool features. To join gmail, you must currently be invitited by a member or you must sign up using your mobile phone. Just let me know if you want one.

Note that I won't be available most of today for immediate responses.


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